La mano verde


Tervuursesteenweg 256

3060 Bertem

Tel/fax 016/20.24.24

Opening hours:

Monday : closed*

Tuesday till saturday:

10 - 12u30 13u30 - 18u

Sunday and holidays: 10 - 12u30

* except on holidays and during the end of the year


[ About me ]

I love flowers. With their blooming colors and intoxicating scents. With their frailty and ability to evoke laughter as well as tears.

I love flowers. Because of their inner beauty, but most of all, because of what they let me transform them into.

For me, a flower does not stay a simple flower for very long. She immediately plays the lead role in one of the numerous stories in my head.

For over ten years now, my profession has been my passion and vice versa. The knowledge and techniques acquired during my studies, my hunger for creativity and your requests for that one unique arrangement, are my biggest motivation.

I am giving myself 100 % every day, whether it is for a photo shoot in a renowned flower journal or the creation of your exclusive bouquet. All of this happens with the biggest respect for the wonders nature offers us.

I would like to invite you to discover my colorful world where I will answer with the right flower or plant to all your requests regarding wedding and party bouquets, office and garden decoration.

See you soon!


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