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3060 Bertem

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Opening hours:

Monday : closed*

Tuesday till saturday:

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Sunday and holidays: 10 - 12u30

* except on holidays and during the end of the year


[ Floral art ]

[ Wedding and party decoration ]

Soon you will say: Yes, I do!... and I will wholeheartedly answer the same to your request whether I can create your bridal bouquet. I take great pride in giving love a hand and ensure this will be a day you'll never forget! From bouquet to corsage, from table decoration to church and banquet hall decoration, everything can be discussed and will be created with a keen eye for detail.

But also for other party decorations, La Mano Verde is the place to be.

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[ Modern floral arrangements ]

With the 4 seasons as main source of inspiration, I like to deliver contemporary floral arrangements. I always focus on color, taste and harmony and I only consider my bouquets 'finished' when I see you truly enjoy them...

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[ Bouquets ]

Let flowers speak for you. A bouquet can say happy birthday as well as get well soon, good luck, thank you, I am sorry, congratulations or ... just because!

Specific requirements or carte blanche? I will not disappoint you!

[ Funeral tribute flowers ]

Saying goodbye hurts and when words are not enough, I would like to be there and help to translate your feelings into flowers.

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[ Office decoration- Business gifts ]

Are you considering a fresh and lively touch in your reception or meeting room? Would you like to brighten up your shop with an original floral arrangement or maybe surprise a co-worker or business relation with a little bouquet? La Mano Verde will be happy to help you out. This for one off-events or a handy flower subscription.

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[ Garden decoration ]

These days, gardens are becoming more and more the extension of our living room. Mainly green with an occasional, lively accent of flowers. Among our range of trendy garden pots, flowers and plants, you will definitely find that little 'extra' to boost your garden.

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